Pokemon Go Hack

Today I will share a working Pokemon GO hack in Android Version 4.4.2 or Kitkat. I been using this unto latest version of the Pokemon Go. Many of the tutorials in YouTube¬†that you can watch and try and if it’s working it is nice. I think this tutorial is a one of a tribute of a Pokemon Go Hack that work perfectly for Android Version 4.4.2.

The game is awesome a virtual reality environment framework I think. And that’s makes me impress of the developers of the games Niantic they capture the attention of public. And also the attention of the Black Hat which trying to have a better way in playing the games. There are a lots of players that want to play the games but they could not because of some circumstance like a disable person¬†they just stay in one place. So this could help them to play games, and I think this could also help the player to play safe right.

Anyway lets get to the point there are things to consider to complete the hack.

  1. Your phone/tablet must be rooted
  2. Temporary or permanent banned in the games
  3. Do with your own risk ūüôā

If you say yes and ready.

  1. Open google then download Xposed Installer and install. Click confirm authorize of KING USER or SUPER USER.
  2. Open Xposed Installer click Framework then click install/update and reboot.
  3. Open Xposed Installer click Downloads and search Mock mock locations and Pokemon Go controls then download and install.
  4. Open Xposed Installer click Modules and check Mock mock locations and Pokemon Go controls checkbox and go back to framework and click reboot.
  5. Make sure you set your GPS locations into High Accuracy in the phone settings.
  6. Open Pokemon Go controls and read the instructions to start. If you start there is a floating Control buttons on the screen that you can use to walk on the Pokemon Go.
  7. Open Pokemon Go now
  8. Done!


  1. Download the xposed installer framework versions: App_process active 58 and XposedBridge.jar active 54.
  2. Do not abuse to used teleport in a minute to different places  this could permanently banned your account.