Put a password on a folder in different devices

When working on computer even you are not a programmer or a computer savvy you must understand and learn how to secure your computer files. Computer is a very powerful tools in making decisions and this could affect our entire life. Be careful with your important files because this might be the reason in putting you up and down. Data or information is the reason why computer is working in the way that you want. Meaning user or a people ware have the controls in every aspect of computer.

And this article might help you to consider in working safe with your computer files. We love collecting data or information in our computer because of this habit, You must be aware on how to make it safe and preserved. In this new era of technology you can work your files in different devices, Access your files any time and any where. And what important here is you will secure your files.

So lets get to the point how to put a password on a folder in different devices? It will matter the operating system of what device you are using like windows, OS X, IOS, Linux, android, and etc. I’m gonna demonstrate on this article using 7zip you can download here and winrar you can download here and install. Once you have successfully install it in your system, Follow the procedure below:

7zip Method:

  1. Go to your file or folder that you want to put a password.
  2. Right click the file or folder and select 7zip then Add to archive.
  3. Find encryption then type the password.
  4. check the checkbox encrypt file names below.
  5. click OK and wait until encryption completed.
  6. DONE!

Winrar Method:

  1. Go to your file or folder that you want to put a password.
  2. Right click the file or folder and select Add to archive.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Click Set password then type the password.
  5. check the checkbox encrypt file names below.
  6. click OK and wait until encryption completed.
  7. DONE!

For android, IOS and widows phone  download RAR or Winrar in the store.

  1. Just long press the file or folder that you are going to encrypt
  2.  select Add to archive
  3. select set password
  4. wait the encryption to completed
  5. DONE!


  • Original folder name: My files
  • After encryption folder name: My files.7z for using 7zip and My files.rar for using Winrar.
  • So you have two files now,the My files and My files.7z or My files.rar delete now the My files. My files.7z or My files.rar is now protected with a password, So every time you will open your files it required password to view.



Facebook hacked

Facebook is the top social media site that makes everything possible in every point of life. We couldn’t imagine how this really affect in our daily live.  Before you become one of a fanatics on this new generation, you must understand and learn how to make your self secure in every possibilities.

Mostly reported on how there account was hacked because of using weak password like birth date, name, and etc. that easy to guess. In making a password you must used strong password meaning combination of letters, numbers and symbols even combination of uppercase and lowercase it is advice. Also you must consider another aspect for security and it’s all about how you must recover your password. Valid email and contact is required in getting this method.

Anyway, as what the hacker movie say “Who am I” no system is secured. As what they say prevention is better than cure and it is a good choice to learn how to make your self secured. Moving on, If you will notice that there is unwanted behavior of your account in Facebook. You must check your recovery details if there is another data like email or numbers has been added in your account because if it has. Even every minute you will change your password into strong password hacker can easily get it by using there own recovery that already attach in your account.

In order to retrieve your account is to remove the new added email or contact that is not yours then change your password.

View hidden files in Flash drive

This isn’t new, It happen all the time when you start using your flash drive to another computer that was already infected by viruses. Luck of security may makes your computer system vulnerable to viruses. It is advice to install anti-virus before using your computer to its basic functions. There’s a lot of anti-virus  that can help you to become more secured. You can try free trial for one month with a full security and you can continue if you are satisfied there services. They offer premium or basic service of course it would take cash, If you choice to be secured.

Moving on, your files in flash drive isn’t visible at all. You can see empty folder etc. but when you look at in my computer, and in the file usage/space it has a files. Don’t be worried about your files it wasn’t gone It just hide by virus. And there are two methods that you should know in order to retrieve/view and use your files again,
1. Folder options
2. Command prompt or CMD

Lets Began in Folder options:

1. Click Organize in Windows 7 & Options in Windows XP just find it on the top of your screen when you open flash drive or my computer.

2. In the Folder Options click view and look in the advance settings: Under the Hidden files and folders select show hidden files,folders & drives and unchecked the 3 hide check box after it and press OK if there choice will appeared.

3. Click apply and OK
4. Done you can view your file now!

Second Command prompt or CMD:

1. Go to my computer and look what letter your flash drive address. example: removable disk(G:) . So G: is what you need to continue.

2. Go to StartAll programsAccessories – click Command Prompt.

3. Open Command prompt type G: and enter.
G:\> will be the text display below.

4. Type Attrib -h -r -s /s /d and enter, wait to complete until it would display again the G:\> If you see it done! your files is visible now!

Embrace the knowledge, Explore your mind and Enjoy!