Securing files without third party application

When talking about Computer files this is what you are working on, No matter what it is, what is the reasons, this is very important to you. If you already read my last previous article Put a password on a folder in different devices which talking about security like password. But in this article its kinda a trick that you never expected and help you a lot in making your file secured.

If you are alone with your family or not, You are not the only one that will used your computer. Of course you have friends, Family and etc. that will asked you to used your computer and you are not sure that they will not sneak your files. So do not think that they don’t know that you have something important, And be aware of losing your files, reading and watching your dirty little secret LOL 🙂 in order you prevent those circumstance, You need to learn the prevention or the security of your files. And this is why you are reading this article to have those prevention.

I don’t wanna make it too long for explaining why you should secured your files. I’m gonna write the two methods here and there steps. First is Hiding and second is removing file extension it don’t need any third party application in doing those method. What you gonna do here it to remember or categories your files by zipping it before proceeding the steps below. It’s kinda simple you think but it helps and you gotta learn it.

Hiding Method:

  1. Go to your file that you want to hide example: “Rise of the legend.mp4” 
  2. Right click then properties and click Hidden
  3. Select apply changes to this folder, sub-folders and files
  4. Then OK, Apply and OK
  5. DONE!

Removing file extension Method:

  1. Go to your file that you want to hide example: “Rise of the legend.mp4” 
  2. Right click then rename it with removing also the extension file the .mp4 and hit enter
  3. Your Rise of the legend.mp4 will be look like a junk file now a white ICON because the extension .mp4 is remove.
  4. Done!

Computer will not identify that file anymore so it will change into white icon in order you to open that again is to put the extension or just open it with the correct application that can be played or open with files.


The Hiding Method counter part is on my previous article View hidden files in Flash drive



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