Add subtitle on a movie

Sight is the most important sense I guess. By watching we could easily understand what they are trying to say or do. Watching videos like movies it is very relaxing, cool and you can learn more. But what about foreign movies, Korean movies, Indian movies and etc., You couldn’t understand their dialect and there is a better way for that. In order to understand and enjoy movies of another country, It needs a translation of  their language that we can see on the screen. This could be seen in the bottom part of the screen, yeah right a subtitle. A subtitle is exactly a script that correspond to the movie with the timing.

We are a fans of sharing movies into our friends, classmates, workmates, relatives, families and etc., Sometimes there is subtitle included and it’s great but what about there is no subtitle. Then the movie isn’t your language/dialect, This article is what exactly all about putting or adding subtitle on a movie. Getting you the best experience in watching your favorite movies of all the times.

Anyway let ‘s get to the point I’m gonna write the steps on how to add a subtitle on a movie? And I’am using the VLC Player click here to download what operating system you are using and install. If you already have the VLC player will let’s start.

  1. I have a movie file of “Rise of the legend.mp4” this movie is good but I couldn’t understand the language so I need a ENGLISH Subtitle.
  2. I’m gonna need the internet connection to download the subtitle, So I’m gonna open the and type Rise of the legend srt
  3. Select which website you are going to download the Rise of the legend srt that provide ENGLISH subtitle and google is providing you a lots of links that you can download
  4. Click the download link if you see the Rise of the legend srt  English version.
  5. After download successfully completed, You have the file now Rise of the and you can locate the file by opening the location of the downloaded file. Move the Rise of the on the desktop so you could easily locate when adding it as subtitle.
  6. Open your movie file now using the VLC Player and find the Subtitle in the menu.
  7. Click Subtitle then Add subtitle file this time Open subtitle box will appear to locate the subtitle file of the movie. So locate it in the desktop and select Rise of the then click Open.
  8. It will successfully loaded now the subtitle and Enjoy!


Just download again the exact subtitle of the movie if the subtitle timing is not accurate and follow same procedures.


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