Facebook hacked

Facebook is the top social media site that makes everything possible in every point of life. We couldn’t imagine how this really affect in our daily live.  Before you become one of a fanatics on this new generation, you must understand and learn how to make your self secure in every possibilities.

Mostly reported on how there account was hacked because of using weak password like birth date, name, and etc. that easy to guess. In making a password you must used strong password meaning combination of letters, numbers and symbols even combination of uppercase and lowercase it is advice. Also you must consider another aspect for security and it’s all about how you must recover your password. Valid email and contact is required in getting this method.

Anyway, as what the hacker movie say “Who am I” no system is secured. As what they say prevention is better than cure and it is a good choice to learn how to make your self secured. Moving on, If you will notice that there is unwanted behavior of your account in Facebook. You must check your recovery details if there is another data like email or numbers has been added in your account because if it has. Even every minute you will change your password into strong password hacker can easily get it by using there own recovery that already attach in your account.

In order to retrieve your account is to remove the new added email or contact that is not yours then change your password.


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